Reigniting your Career in Today’s Economy
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The South Asian MBA Association, along with its community partners Pan-IIT, SIPA and ICC hosted an evening of animated conversation and dialogue on the topic of ‘Re-igniting your Career in Today’s Economy’.


Ketan Shah, President and co-founder of SAMBAA delivered the welcome address.  Ketan highlighted that this was the first time that multiple organizations had collaborated, with SAMBAA as a catalyst, to bring a very relevant topic to a wide spectrum of professionals both MBAs and non MBAs. Well-known leadership coach Dilip Saraf, LinkedIn’s #1 Career Coach,  was introduced to the audience by SAMBAA Distinguished Volunteer Srini Nandakumar.

 Dilip delivered a thought provoking and insightful presentation on the topic ”Reigniting your career in today’s economy”. Throughout the session, Dilip was engaged in a lively question and answer by the participants. Dilip covered, through his signature thoughtful and analytical style, most common pitfalls encountered by individuals as they navigate through their careers. He also offered solutions to watch for and overcome such obstacles in order to be successful.

The ICC Board President Naren Bakshi addressed  to the audience.  He shared the history of ICC and appreciated the work of SAMBAA and Dilip Saraf with the  Career Resource Center (CRC) at ICC .

 This was followed by a formal note of thanks by Sangeeta Chakraborty, Chair of the Women’s Leadership Network at SAMBAA, to the audience, Dilip Saraf, all SAMBAA community organizations who partnered for the event and to the event sponsor, St Mary’s College.

St Mary’s College was represented handsomely by Kathy Warren and Dr SJ Kamath, Associate Dean, who delivered a  presentation on the history,  mission, and the Executive MBA program of St Mary’s College.

The evening concluded by an address by Vince Khanna, of the US Census 2010, official partner of SAMBAA, who urged the audience to take part in the census and provided reasons on why it was important to ensure that the emergent South Asian voice was accurately counted and represented in the upcoming census survey. 

SAMBAA is pleased to announce the next upcoming event, a Summer Sizzler Mixer on June 18th, at the Embassy Suites in Milpitas, CA.







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